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  2. Briefing
  3. Concept Design
  4. Planning Permission
  5. Building Regulations
  6. Tender & Appointment
  7. Site


The start of all projects is to determine the client's list of requirements for their project both in terms of rooms, style and if available budget. Quite often a mood board is helpful to establish what particular features the client may want to incorporate into the final house design. This also gives the client the chance to show what style or aesthetic they are looking to achieve.

Concept Design

The beginning of this next stage of the project is the carrying out of a detailed house survey (plans and elevations) and an analysis of the site's constraints. After this is completed, several option sketch plans, and eventually elevations, are produced for client review. A careful sifting through of these different options then takes place within an iterative and collaborative design process. All alternative ways of achieving the end brief are thoroughly examined and evaluated. At this time, the fundamental issues of the project are addressed, so that when finished the plans and elevations are fixed. If required by the client, we can also provide CAD models and interior walk throughs of the final scheme or the external view of the new project.

Contemporary Harpenden home CAD
Contemporary Harpenden home CAD illustration
Contemporary home design Harpenden Hertfordshire
Contemporary home architecture Harpenden Hertfordshire
Contemporary home architecture CAD illustration Harpenden
Howard Pease Harpenden architecture CAD illustration

Planning Permission

Once the design is fixed, the next stage is the production of the final planning permission drawings and their submission to the Local Authority. Once the application forms and drawings are submitted to the Council, a close contact is maintained with them during the eight weeks of the application. This is to ensure the smooth running of the planning application on behalf of the client. With many years of working closely with the Local Authority Planning Departments of Hertfordshire, Howard Pease Architects has a very high success rate of achieving planning approval at the first application.

Building Regulations

Once planning is granted, the next stage is the production of the detailed constructional drawings to show how the building is fabricated. These are the building regulation drawings which also include a detailed specification document. The drawings and specification will eventually be submitted to Building Control for approval but, in the first place, this information is issued to obtain fixed price tenders for the works. Services information regarding the electrical and plumbing design of the house is also required showing, for example, the location of lights, power points, radiators and other services.

Tender & Appointment

Once the detailed architectural and services specification is produced, help can be given to obtain fixed price tenders from building contractors. With the extensive experience gained over many years of working with local contractors, access is available to many reliable and trusted builders who have a track record of delivering projects on time and to budget. Once the client has selected their preferred builder, we can also help assemble the contract documents and assist in the appointment process.


Once the contractor is selected by the client and the appointment made, assistance can be offered for the site stage. These services include: site inspections; assistance with valuations and payments to the builder; issuing architect's instructions; help with external works and kitchen designs in addition to snagging at the end of the project if required. This assistance is to aid in the smooth running of the construction process and to finally deliver the completed house to the client.