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Space, Light and Flow

To produce a successful architectural project and create a house that functions fully, the spaces designed should flow and relate to each other logically and clearly. The spatial relationship of the rooms must be understood to maximise the house's potential. Circulation spaces must be considered carefully and crafted sympathetically to fulfil the client's individual needs.

The brief is often to open up existing old and tired houses to create a greater feeling of space and light. With new build projects, there is often the opportunity to create exciting and fluid spaces which encourage the family's interaction. The larger open plan areas usually include the kitchen, dining, family room areas where most interaction can take place.

natural light in architecture natuarl light in architecture natural light in architecture Natural daylight in a Hertfordshire Architect's home

The way natural daylight passes into a room must be considered in order to create bright and airy spaces. Interlinking volumes and room shapes can create unique solutions which transform a house into a spacious, enjoyable home.

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In most extensions and new build projects, open flowing and bright spaces give a family interactive and exciting rooms which often become the heart of the home.

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When these design issues of space, light and flow are fully understood and developed, exciting and innovative architecture can be achieved.

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