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We can offer to our clients in St Albans and Harpenden advice at the very early stages of their house purchase prior to them even confirming an offer on a property.

It is often essential to get professional advice as to the possibilities a site may offer in terms of possible planning permissions and financial considerations. This could be termed the feasibility stage and may give the confidence to either continue with a house purchase, or conversely to pull out if the site can not offer what the client is looking for.

This is was a service we offered to our client at Moreton End Lane, Harpenden. An initial set of design plans allowed a greater sense of confidence, subject to a planning approval of course, which meant that they could continue with their house purchase.

A radical redesign of the existing house appeared to be what was required from the brief, with sizeable rear and side two storey extensions to the house as well as a new attic conversion to give more family bedroom accommodation. This was all examined within this feasibility design stage. Architectural issues that would be relevant for planning, such as scale, bulk, massing and impact on the neighbours were evaluated together with an initial assessment of costs and budget.

This all proved very valuable to our clients and will help as the project moved forward to a future planning application to St Albans District Council

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