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When the developing an existing house by extending and renovating and so creating a modern, flowing family home, often one of the primary requirements is to create a large open plan kitchen, dining, garden room space.

An important consideration is how to bring light into this key part of the house usually via roof lights or large areas of glazing. This part of the house is where the family would generally congregate or where guests would assemble when coming round for a meal or entertaining. This open plan space can only really function when there are the other cellular rooms that support it, in other words the adult lounge, study, children's den and utility room.

The focal point of this large flowing area is usually the breakfast bar / island unit.

If all these functions and areas are considered and understood correctly, the newly redesigned and extended house will flow and function correctly.

Although building projects have a technical side that clearly must be addressed, the sense of space and flow must be resolved and be at the forefront of the architectural design development stage for the house to truly be successful.

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