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The two big decisions a client is faced with when either looking to redevelop their existing house by an extension / refurbishment, or to build a beautiful new build house are to get the right design, and then the right builder.

It should be the duty of your architect to introduce to the client these contractors who can be interviewed and assessed as to their suitability to carry out the building works. A building project is after all possibly one of the biggest expenditures a client will have and should therefore be considered carefully.

A building project is, after all, probably the biggest financial expenditure a client will have. At this post tender / pre contract stage of the building project, the architect can lead the meeting with normally the two lowest contractors and the client through the following issues; potential start date, contract duration, tender price and negotiation, flow of architectural information, contract conditions, party wall and structural engineering issues and getting the builder to explain their working method.

The meeting with the potential contractors is to give the client as much building information about the works as possible so they can make an informed decision as to who to appoint.

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