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When our clients purchase a site, sometimes they are undecided whether to knock down and build a new house or to carry out a major refurbishment and extension to the property.

Planning and cost issues are always of primary concern, so by carefully considering the architectural issues and examining all the options available, we can arrive at the design solution that is most appropriate.

There always comes a financial 'tipping point' where the saving of the 20% VAT becomes possible with a new built house project.

This was the case with our clients who had lived in Leycroft Way, Harpenden for several years and who had initially anticipated a large extension to their existing single storey bungalow. The building work involved creating new attic accommodation for three bedrooms as well as extending the existing house downstairs with an open plan living area to the rear.

Once planning permission had been achieved and the tendering to builders carried out, it became apparent that it was more economically viable to knock down the existing house and start again with a new build project.

Working closely with the preferred main building contractor, we were able to create a new family house which fully met both the client's requirements of size and aesthetic within a budget that was achievable and possible through a second planning application.

A house of size and quality where the system of building is efficient and economic has therefore been achieved by fully examining all the options at the design stage.

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