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Sometimes an existing house although recently built, does not flow or access the main living spaces correctly. It simply does not 'work'. This was the case for a project we undertook for a client in The Uplands, Harpenden.

The existing house had a layout where the main kitchen dining area was detached from the garden and was located in the north wing of the house. The secondary living areas which were not used as much by the family were on the south face of the garden and were under-utilised.

A radical new design approach amending the existing layout was needed, adding new single storey side and rear extensions creating more light and a sense of space.

The entrance hall also had to be re designed with a new modern glass and metal staircase replacing the old timber stair which was removed as it completely blocked the flow of the space. The solution to the living areas created a very large open plan kitchen / family area which was one of the primary driving forces of the client's design brief.

The focal point of this new space was a long generous island unit that was effectively the 'heart' of the house.

A double height garden room / study area was also created with a top lit gallery area, all opening onto a new circular patio. The addition of Velux roof lights meant that this area of the house that used to be under utilised and redundant has now become the focal point of the home, a stand out architectural statement.

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